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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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of the voters who picked candidate a as their first choice candidate, 15% chose candidate b as their second-choice candidate and 10% chose candidate c as their second-choice candidate. these votes are then applied to candidates b and candidate c and the votes are recounted. we see now that candidate b has 55% of the votes and candidate c has 45% of the vote. candidate b now has more than 50% of the votes and is determined to be the winner. thank you for watching. we hope that you have learned more about ranked-choice voting and who is elected using this method. you have seen the ranked-choice ballot, learned how to correctly mark it, and learned how the ranked-choice voting process works. if you have any further questions about ranked-choice voting, please contact us at: department of elections, city hall, room 48, 1 dr. carlton b.
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goodlett place, san francisco, california 94102. call us at: 415-554-4375. visit our web site at: ww
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supervisor avalos: supervisor avalos: supervisor avalos: good morning. the clerk of the committee is mr. johnson. can you share with me your announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are requested to turn off all cell phones and pagers. if you wish to submit copies of materials to the committee, please submit final. if you wish to submit a speaker card, then turn it on to your left -- and turn it to someonine to the left. item one. on sale of beer and wine license for the expansion of the
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city beer store into the adjacent office space located at 1168 folsom st. will serve the convenience and necessity of the people of the city and county of san francisco. >supervisor avalos: thank you. inspector paulson. >> good morning. what is before us today is an existing business. in short, it is a privilege that allows privilege to sell on site wine and beer. this is an existing business. what they are applying for is to expand. it is a business of high crime and concentration. based on the business plan, we're recommending license for approval. it has existing conditions that would transfer to the existing space.
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supervisor avalos: we can open item up to public comment. anyone wishing to speak to the item, please come forward. >> [inaudible] supervisor avalos: you can go right to the microphone at the podium. >> my name is catherine robb, the representative for the store. just really quickly, if you would like to review, we have some letters of support from community members, people who live in the area and called the store basically they're leaving -- living room. some press clippings as well from organizations from seven by seven to lonely planet and gq. the store is rare and that it
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serves craft beer, high-and unique styles of beverages you cannot find anywhere else, so the coverage has been nationwide for people to come to the store and get such products. if you look like to review, i have a packet for the file if you would like. supervisor avalos: think you very much. we would appreciate having that available. -- thank you very much. we will close public comment on that item. i have never been in the city beer store. i have gone by it a number of times taking my children to child market child care center, but i know it is a great asset for fans of the year. things that are there are not commonly found elsewhere. there are no letters of protest for this item, and i am supportive, so i would like to get a motion. we can take that without
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objection. all items today will be committee reports. madam clerk, could you please call item no. 2. >> item to come if hearing to consider the promise to premise transfer of a type 48 on sale general public premises the cresson's from 100 -- 1060 geary street to when a thousand 423 pulled straight district 3, to laurie martins for cocokoko cocktails. >> what is before us is the type 48 license, which we normally consider a bar that has on sale here in distilled spirits privilege. you have to be 21 or older to enter. currently this business is
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operating at 10630 geary street. they are attempting to relocate. i would point out that this location is in an area of high crime also undue concentration. this has developed into unknown area. this has become very popular in the past several years. a couple of things i would like to point out -- there has been opposition in support for this. in fact, i kept my numbers quite big, because it did not want to be tied down to anything specific. there has been well over 50 letters of protest. there are hundreds of letters of signature of support. both are similar in nature in that they're using a boilerplate
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supporter opposition and signatures attached. that is just a statement of fact. a couple of things i do want to speak to, because i have been going back and forth with community people, and i think it is fair to point out that there was early on accusations that the business did not appropriately post or do the mailer. that is a big part of the public notification process with the opera -- alcohol and beverage control. it is force the department to delay our response. -- it did force the department to delay our response to this. it resulted in the applicant being delayed quite some time. i am guessing a couple of months. i am sure the applicant can speak more accurately to that. i want to speak to the outcome of the allegations. but regard to the first one, the posting of the business. they concurred the posting was done adequately. from abc's did you, that is not
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off the table. it has to be posted with a sign similar to the planning department sign come in has to be in place for 80 days. they are satisfied that has been at. the next one that is more difficult to nail down is the 500 ft mailer. abc requires for this type of license that people do a 500 ft mailer. the required that they provide abc a list of all the people mailed, and then it is up to the applicant to do the mailer and send it out in signed affidavits that they follow through on that. in this case, there were community people that believe it was not done adequately, and based on their audit, and i am sure they will speak to it today, that it was not done adequately. in my opinion they came up with a reasonable solution, and the remedy where it stands today is abc has said they will accept
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our test for any person regarding the application at any point in time. as opposition goes out to the community and says did you hear about this, if someone says no i did not, they can write a protest that they choose to and board in abc will still consider it. those issues i feel confident are pretty much resolved. the other thing i want to speak to is where this is headed down the road. by no means are you issuing at a liquor license today, and i know you know that, but for those watching this. what we're looking at from the city perspective is does the board or the committee oppose the business moving to this location. from here we will go back to the alcohol and beverage control. they will get your findings. if the city said we do not want it to happen, it would die right there and not issue. if the board said they are not
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opposed and want to see it proceed through the licensing process, all the objection that have been submitted will be taken into account. there will be an administrative hearing at the air b.c. administrative law judge. witnesses will be called. ultimately i would testify there as well. abc would look at this very specific to their sections of code and law. then a determination would be made and ultimate the car license would reward not issue. for today's purpose, what we're looking for is to see if you want to see this continuing moves through the abc process or see a reason to stop it where it is that today. we do have a high concentration of licenses and this area. having said that, it has evolved into entertainment district. that is what is right now. yes, it has gotten mixed use and a lot of residential, but in
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totality, we have our relationship that is basically working. i could name other parts of the town that are not nearly as successful. i think right now the poll street corridor is doing ok. -- the polk street corridor is doing ok. i would suggest that this place was not losing its lease, i am not sure the part of it would be as willing to support it. having said all of this, we are recommending that application for approval with the following conditions. sales service and consumption of alcohol beverages must be permitted between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 a.m.. the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption of the premises is strictly prohibited. no person under the age of 21 cells shell or deliver alcoholic beverages. security personnel shall be readily identifiable by wearing
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distinctive clothing that has a logo of the attachment and the power -- establishment south state security staff. -- establishment and shall state security staff. again, we want them to take an active ownership of not just the business, but the exterior as well. next, there shall be a surveillance camera located off of exit and entry points so that all patrons are visibly recorded as they enter and exit the establishment. a digital recording maybe -- a digital recording must be obtained for more than 15 days. -- for no less than 15 days. the interior lighting maybe suspicion -- sufficient. next condition, all doors and windows shall be kept close at
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all times during operation of the premises, except in the case of emergency and to permit deliveries not to consist solely of screen or ventilated doors. next, no noise shall be under the control of the licensee. the license -- at any time the license to utilize a third party promoter, license shall make control of for the staffing of the business and shall approve all marketing material. this condition was created to hold licensees accountable so we do not get the typical i had a promoter and it is in their hands. we're trying to lock it into it is your business and you are responsible for it. if you sign off on a promoter, you will be responsible for it. lastly, not making any structural changes without the approval of the department. with these conditions, we're recommending the license for approval. supervisor avalos: think you.
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thank you for your presentation. just a question about -- you mentioned this is becoming an entertainment district. that is not an actual determination that has been some or provided by the city, is it? >> i try not to speak to the planning department. i believe no, but what i am recognizing is the fact that we have a large concentration of abc licensed establishments in this area. if planning is calling that come i do not know. supervisor avalos: i do not believe that it can't use -- that is the case. what does this mean in terms of services that are concentrated their from police, fire, public health. does the city have a response to concentrate some of entertainment uses and that neighborhood? to go any time we have a high concentration of liquor licence
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that will operate and to the late hours, especially on weekends, we will increase police presence with passing calls and resources. we have seen in the last four years, the neighborhood. it is a credit to a lot of the businesses, it has become a desirable place for people to go to. it has shifted from other part of the city -- other parts of the city. while we were having problems on the broadway corridor, a lot of people were looking for someplace else to go, and i think a lot of them found this. that is what is getting us to what it is slowly evolving into. you are saying there is a difference between the conditions that might get this on broadway to polk and it appears much calmer. absolutely. supervisor avalos: thank you.
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supervisor chiu: can you repeat anmar: can you repeat any past problems at koko's? >> bear with me one second. i am going to work off memory. most of this up and our report is reflective of the new location. it speaks to what kind of happened when the building is empty. in the last seven months, -- supervisor mar: my question is
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as there were operating their business, you do not recollect any problems? supervisor avalos: any member of the public that would like to comment on this item, please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is lori martin turs, ani am here with my business partners. we're here to so we mets transfer our license to a new location. we are committed to our community. we provide jobs, support neighboring businesses and our eyes on street on thito increase safety. i understand what issues are. we have made concessions to accommodate the neighborhood.
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however, ultimately we feel we are positive presence in the community. our goal is to approach all of our neighbors' peacefully to offer a small, say, and need never destination that prides itself on friendly and capable staff with the local clientele. i would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our project, and take you for giving it consider " -- careful consideration. supervisor elsbernd: you said you are a resident of the neighborhood? >> i am. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> gentlemen, committee members, my name is ron case, chairman of their beers. -- of polk neighbors.
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we voted to approve the move. the owners have been active neighborhood people. they help with cleaning up polk street when we have it. i do not know any of the people fighting this have ever showed up to help. i just want you to know we do approve it. it has been voted overwhelmingly, and a lot of -- when to look at the truth that is being said, because of a lot of people being against it have done this out of fear. most of the people have not shown up for any of the meetings and heard any of the presentations, the only hear from one or two people. just wanted you to know the committee has voted for this and it is an active community. supervisor avalos: think you
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very much. nec's speaker please. anyone would like to comment can line up on the side here. >> i am in support of the relocation to 1423 polk street. they bring revenue to the city. they provide jobs. they have never had any problems with the city, police or the abc. they have support of the merchants, neighborhood, and the patrons. they will have eyes on the street during the day during copy service to keep the streets safe, and i know they are really responsible business, and by increasing the trap -- but traffic, we can clean it up. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. >> good morning hon. chair and supervisors. my name is john neumann, a private attorney in san francisco. i want to take a moment out of
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my day because i see a great local business with good, local ownership that is trying to do right in the neighborhood. there was a wonderful turnout at the planning commission, which was unanimously approving the use, and the commissioners to every man and woman on the commission took a moment to acknowledge the contribution of the owners and the way the business was run. it is right for san francisco. it is a relocation, not a new permit be issued in the area. we certainly recommend and hope this committee will recommend the approval to the full board. thank you for your time. supervisor avalos: think you very much. next speaker please. -- thank you very much. >> my name is robert garcia. i have been in the neighborhood since 1965. polk street has change, not for
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the better. it is getting worse, and it is dangerous. they want to know why people do not go down there, it is horrible what is going on there, and it has been a steady decline. it is a destination point. this is what has happened. they're going across the most densely populated area west of new york. . thousands of people live there and we hear it all night long people coming across our never read and 3:00 in the morning going back. we have tried to work with them. here's what is happening. i only have two copies of these the prostitution problem there has exploded. the reason is that there are
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people there who are drinking and have expendable money. i am also with the first offenders program. there was an operation there by a northern station, and they made 400 arrests for prostitution, and that was in the two-week time and this operation just ended a week ago. there are problems there. the area is saturated. i think there are 13 liquor licence allowed in the particular area, and there are about 30. it is a high crime area. i do not have the exact statistics for that particular plot, but the one next to it was 5557 the last i checked. that is out of control, and that is right on polk street.
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if this was a restaurant that served alcohol, we would support it and have no problem. this is the type 48 license. now the idea of serving coffee is a crunch. there are too many things wrong with this p. -- now of this idea of serving coffee is a front. we have three police stations that come together. still, we have these problems. we work really hard for the last 20 years to clean up that area. we ran the circuit, prostitution circus out of san francisco. we had as many as 125 people on street patrols. we have three different groups on polk street. and they're supporting all of the things that cause the problems. i really recommend this not be approved or continued until we
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of a good group organized. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i have been going to koko's for a year. i do not really think of it as a bar, more like a community meeting place. they had a group of writers go in and tell stories about the area. they also supported the art crawl. they had different paintings. it is not really a bar. i understand the concerns. there are many bars there. they do have a lot of shows, but as far as i know, they are not getting a new entertainment line since. they wanted to appease the people protesting them. it is about a sense of community. i have never felt unsafe standing outside koko's.
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it is not a place to hang out for fun unless you're going to a destination. the bus stop it's selself much r to stand on when there is a doorman for you know no one will try anything. during the day there will be a copy shop. there will be more people they're making it is safe as possible for foot traffic. -- during the day there will be a coffee shop. there is the presence there, the sense of community that makes you feel safer walking down the street knowing they are there. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. net speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is melanie grossman. i am a resident and social worker, but i am speaking more
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as a resident. in my opinion, we do not need more bars on polk street, but i would also look -- like to look at things from a point of view of seniors to live in the area. i am a member of the older women's league. one of our things is aging in the city. we also support healthy aging, which means getting out there in walking, interacting in the community. i see more bars just means it is harder to walk and more crowds. there are people focusing on having a good time and not necessarily looking out for who was passing by. you could be bumped into or anything like that. the whole idea of safety is very intimidateing.
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many seniors to walk in the evening. my husband and i worked iwalk ie evening and it is intimidating with all of the chaos and crime in the evening. in my opinion we do not need another bar or coffee shop. i would like to see businesses of the area where people could run errands and live independently in the city and have that within their neighborhood, rather than another bar. that is pretty much what i have to say. i hope you will vote against this. i do not think it would be good for seniors, and do not forget, there are more than 400 units of senior housing very close to the site. supervisor avalos: think he very much. next speaker, please. -- thank you very much. >>


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